Digger Adventures in Beautiful Tucker County, West Virginia

Let Digger Adventures take you on a memorable tour through beautiful Tucker County, West Virginia. Several informative and entertaining 3-hour tours are available throughout the year, as well as special seasonal and limited edition tours. There is no place on Earth quite like Tucker County and the Canaan Valley!

Experience Breathtaking Scenery and a Moonshine Distillery Tour!

This area has a rich and fascinating history of relevance locally, to the state of West Virginia, and beyond. Join us and experience some of the most breathtaking scenery on the planet.

Current tour excursions include:

Our Deer Farm Tour destination is Briar Meadow Whitetails Deer Farm.

Distillery Tour

Ask about our special 3-hour distillery tour at Still Hollow Spirits in Harman, WV. Digger Adventures has teamed up with Still Hollow Spirits for a scenic ride to their distillery for a tour and tasting. Still Hollow Spirits uses traditional small batch Appalachian moonshine methods to bring you some of the finest authentic spirits of the mountains. Sample Ginseng, Cranberry, and Mint Moonshine, along with carefully handcrafted farm-to-bottle Corn and Rye Whiskey at this local distillery. Let us drive so you can fully enjoy this unique experience. We hope to see you there!

Senior Bus Tours, Children, and All Ages Day Trips

We hope you find a day trip of interest to you. Our escorted tours are designed to be serenely enjoyed by local and guest travelers of all ages from children to adults. Digger Adventures’ bus tours are ideal for seniors. Sit back and relax as our comfortable, 14-seat minibus leads you through the magnificent mountains of West Virginia to explore carefully selected destinations of interest. Our minibus is equipped with modern conveniences and can accommodate 2 wheelchairs on each excursion.

For additional details about any of our tours, please click on the links above. Feel free to contact Digger Adventures with any questions you may have. We care about your satisfaction and will do all we can to help you have a pleasant trip. Be sure to check back as we add additional tours to our schedule. Call Digger Adventures at: (304) 851-DIGR (3447).

Please be sure to dress appropriately for your tour or excursion (click on the related links above for more information). Contact us for further details or answers to any questions you may have.

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