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Tucker County, WV History Tour

A 3-Hour Escorted Viewing of Local Historic Places

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Join Digger Adventures on our Tucker County History Tour for a 3-hour escorted bus trip to see all of the properties in Tucker County, WV, that are listed on the National Register of Historic Places! Each property has been deemed worthy of continued preservation for its historical significance. These national treasures offer an intriguing glimpse into our shared past.

Leave the Driving to Us!

Could you locate and find them all yourself? Sure…but why? Let our local guides take you to each of these ten destinations while you relax in the comfort of Digger Adventures’ 14-seat minibus. Leave the driving to us so every member in your group can fully experience this fascinating and enriching tour!

What Will I See on the Tucker County History Tour?

The Tucker County History tour is ideal for local residents interested in learning more about our past, history and architecture aficionados, students, travelers passing through the region, and anyone who enjoys a great bus tour. We invite you to learn a bit more about the properties you will see prior to your excursion to help you get the most from this unique experience.

You will view the following on your Tucker County History Tour:

Vicinity of Kempton, Maryland

“The Fairfax Stone marks the headwaters of the Potomac River. It represents a history going back to the King of England’s land grant of 1632 to Lord Baltimore and a grant south of this to Lord Culpepper in 1688. There have been five Fairfax Stones on this site, marking the oft-disputed north-south boundary between Virginia (later West Virginia) and Maryland. The Fairfax Stone Park is West Virginia’s smallest state park and is administered by the WV Division of Natural Resources.”

Thomas, WV

“This property stands as testament to the boom prosperity experienced in the early twentieth century in Thomas, a coal mining and railroad community in West Virginia’s highlands. Built in 1902, it began as an opera house for local and touring live performances, transitioned to a theater for silent movies, and eventually changed again to a talking picture house. The original intent as a performance venue is being continued by Alpine Heritage Preservation, Inc., which is leading renovation and development efforts.”

Parsons, WV

“A well-preserved example of late 19th-century public architecture in West Virginia, the county courthouse is an especially commanding structure in a small town setting. The high degree of architectural and structural integrity revealed in these buildings inform us about the ideals of late 19th century design and construction. Both structures continue to serve as locations for Tucker County government offices.”

Parsons, WV

“This late-Victorian, stick-style structure was a transportation hub for railroad passengers and commercial goods (mining and lumber associated) from Parsons in the late 19th century. The orientation of the freight platform, waiting room doors, and former ticket office points to its association with the former West Virginia Central and Pittsburgh Railway line and later, the Western Maryland Railroad. The present day Allegheny Highlands Trail bike path occupies the rail bed.”

Thomas, WV

“The Thomas Commercial Historic District is a collection of related properties representing commercial, cultural, and residential life during Thomas’s coal and lumber boom years. European-influenced architectural styles include Romanesque Revival, Italianate, and Renaissance Revival.”

St. George, WV

“Built in 1885, this two-story frame structure was a center of teacher training and local education for decades. The St. George Academy building is an excellent example of an older school building in Tucker County, and one of the only school buildings with this plan in the state of West Virginia. The exterior and interior retain their original material in high integrity, representing the best of the architectural and construction techniques from the era in which it was built. This building is utilized as a local history museum and maintained by the St. George Foundation.”

Davis, WV

“This gabled house was built by the Davis Coal and Coke Company as the home for its superintendent. In 1898 the Late Victorian style residence was acquired by Herman A. Meyer, beginning its long association with the Meyer family. Presently the house is operated as bed and breakfast.”

Parsons, WV

“The center of Parsons’ business enterprises from its earliest days, the Tucker County Bank was the first bank in the area. This building’s history illustrates the development of commerce in this mountain community. The three-story building displays elements of the Romanesque Revival style of architecture. The current owner is the Parsons Revitalization Organization, Inc.”

Thomas, WV

“The Davis Coal and Coke Company administration building, built in 1900, was the center of field operations for the Company (and its successors) until 1950. The two-story brick structure also housed the engineering department, where regional mines were planned, designed, and managed. The City of Thomas is the current owner of this property.”

We would like to thank the Tucker County Historic Landmark Commission for providing information regarding our local National Register of Historic Places properties, as well as for their commitment to protecting Tucker County’s resources. Digger Adventures is proud to support awareness of, and appreciation for, the significance of these properties.

Notice: Please dress appropriately for the weather during your tour, as we may explore some of the properties on foot. This may include comfortable walking shoes, layered clothing, seasonal jackets, umbrellas and rain gear, etc.

For additional details or questions about any of our tours, please contact Digger Adventures. Our guests are our priority and we want you to enjoy your trip. Check back often! We will be adding additional tours to our schedule. Call Digger Adventures at: (304) 851-DIGR (3447).

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